Third Time Not-So-Lucky?

Weddings are rife with superstitions and traditions, and they not only affect the bride and the groom of the day, but those around them in how they conduct themselves over that period.

"Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride."

I know a few girls who recite this, half believing it, half not. (Note that it's said you can break the three-times curse by going and bridesmaiding seven times!) And then it got me to thinking, is there an equivalent that applies for the guy's side? Sort of a:
"Three times a groomsman, never a groom."

I wonder ... because I've been a groomsman twice already, and best man once.

PS: I might also point out that many people are okay with being the bridesmaid the third time, thinking it's still under the radar. But if you read it carefully, it's the third time you're a bridesmaid that the "curse" kicks in ... so you're really only allowed the role of bridesmaid twice. The third one lands you in a lonely house an old maid with lots of cats.

PPS: It turns out that the original purpose for bridesmaids was to confuse and act as a decoy for the bride, in case any evil spirits or avengers wanted to harm the bride. Kind of takes away from the honour of it, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Oooohhhhh, I've been a bridesmaid 5 times....doomed I tell ya!

Ben said...

So, just two more and you'll have seven -- enough to break the curse!

Mike said...

you are already on count 3 my friend..
Turen, me and hougee...

James said...

Actually the 6th time cancels the 3rd time out. Since two identical negative curses will cancel each other out.