Generation Gap

I'm thirty-two years of age right now.
When my father was my age, I was five.
And he had already purchased a home.

Shouldn't each generation progress over the previous?
What happened here?
Where did I go wrong?


Princess Taj said...

I'm 29 - my mother had a husband, and a two year old (me) at 29. The husband was a cheating husband - so in a way - even though I'm falling behind in the marriage/family race, I'm still ahead by avoiding the adultery challenge.

It's alllllll about perception!!!

Kevin said...

28. When my dad was my age... you were 1. I was unborn. But I don't care. I'm in no rush. There are too many things I want to do before marriage, and having kids will just tie me down.

I'm a Rich Man said...

Houses were a lot cheaper back then...