Ancient Chinese Secret

I remember when my grandmother was living with us, she used to collect orange peels after we had oranges/tangerines. She would keep them, carefully wrap them in tissue paper, and dry them out in her room. Then, weeks or even months later, she would use them to make some kind of dark, sludgy and pungent herbal remedy. (All ancient Chinese remedies seem to be dark and sludgy and pungent, don't they?)

Being born and raised in a western world, I always took those recipes with a grain of salt, a dose of skepticism, and a dash of "science didn't prove it so i find it doubtful" attitude. But it turns out, as it always does, that our grandmothers were right: tangerine peels have healing powers.

It's nice to see that western science is finally starting to catch up to thousands of years of Asian medicinal knowledge.


head dump said...

You'll find that most pharmaceutically created medicine is based on traditional herbal medicine then synthetically created into concentrations that can be controllably prescribed by doctors and taken by patients.
eg. Belladonna, Foxglove, etc.. there's lots.

virg said...

Speaking of tangerine peels, while we were cleaning up the other day, we found a few dusty ones openly spread on top of the kitchen cabinets.

I don't deny their potential healing power, but I do question how these peels should be preserved.