We wander about Cho Ben Thanh, winding through the narrow aisles of this bustling local market. It's hot, and we do our best to avoid the masses of vendors watching us like hawks while hawking their clothes and sinking their talons into our arms to get our attention.

"Sir, you want T-shirt?"
"What you looking for?"
"Sir, come here, come here."

After getting our fill of Dri-FIT fabric "Adidas", "Puma", and "Nike" shirts, I saw some shirts screenprinted with cheap-looking Abercrombie logos. Inquiring, I found they had some decent ones in the brushed/sueded cotton fabric, complete with the luxurious, velvety neckline trim, and Abercrombie appliques. The fit worked for me, and after some heated bargaining, I dropped them from 260,000vnd down to 150,000vnd (that's $9.40USD).

So now I'm the proud owner -- after inspecting them more closely upon my return and comparing to my one real Abercrombie shirt -- of the following shirts:
1 Abercrombie & Fitch, authentic (bought in SF)
1 Abercrombie & Fitch, says it's authentic (but isn't)
1 Abercrombie & Fitch, doesn't even try to say it's authentic
1 Abercrombie & Fish, no explanation necessary

In their defense, the material is just like the real thing, and it might actually say "fich" -- it's actually very hard to tell altogether.


Vanessa said...

oh my god shoot me now, did I really just read that? AberKKKrombie shirts?




Ben said...

Uh, I guess so.

Is it any consolation that these are violating their brand protection and purchased from unauthorized venues, such that it completely disappears from their revenue?

Karen said...

Yes but you still have an original... BenBen...

And you could have totally lowered that price even more. $150K is a lot for knock offs!

virg said...

Speaking of fakes, it reminded me of a "Vouis Vuitton" incident my friends and I had in HK. haha..

Did you happen to see any Uppercup clothing?

Vanessa said...

even if you're buying fakes, you're buying them because you want to look like you have real ones. There's economics but there's also ideology ie racism and consumerism and walking billboardism. Normally I'd try to keep my pie hole shut but not when Aberkkkrombie is the topic.

Ben said...

Hahaha, you'll know you've made it big when I see "Uppercu+" knock-offs all over the place.

In Vietnam, we saw a bunch of shoes that were Adidas ... and Puma. As in, both. They had both logos on them. And some that were clearly Nike, but logo'd another brand. They're pretty creative, those knock-off people.