Just wondering, how do you answer your phone (be it work or home or mobile)?

People in my company are all BlackBerried, so their work/personal mobile phones are basically one and the same. And they seem to answer their phones as one of:

"Hello, this is [name]."
"[name]" (without anything else)

Me, I go pretty casual:

How about you?


Mike said...

Yeah.. I fall into that first one... "hello, this is ..." crowd.. and yup.. both phones are company provided.

Cash Register said...

Good morning [company name] [name] speaking. How may I direct your call?

Kevin said...

I prefer "Hello?" because I don't like to give out my identity before knowing who's calling. Keeps me mysterious.

Thoughts said...

My phones are separate so I'm casual on my personal and the first on my work...