Mom was Right

So yesterday, we got around to talking about brainteasers and skill-testing questions, and I looked online and spent the 13 minutes to do an IQ test. And you know what?

Mom was right: I am a genius!

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your interest in the test at

Your general IQ score is: 143

You may login at ­ at any time to view your score, purchase your Complete Personal Intelligence Profile or The Consciousness Exercises, or edit your account settings.

The Team at

It's no wonder I find that so many people around here are idiots! It's because I'm way ahead of the curve!

PS: No, I'd put my money on the IQ test being pretty inaccurate and unreliable as a measure of one's intelligence, just based on my result! Maybe it's set up so that only the real idiots would believe their own score.

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I'm a Rich Man said...

I barely make the cut at 134...

There is a false assumption to your premise that you are surrounded by idiots because you are a genius. It's entirely possible to be an idiot and surrounded by idiots who are dumber than you.