Close One

I've always used an electric shaver. Always, ever since my dad first taught me how to shave (with his Braun). Sometimes the kind with circular blades (like Philips and Norelco make), sometimes with the straight back-n-forth blades (like Braun and Remington did), but always electric.

Over the years, however, my chin skin's taken a beating. Maybe it's the sun, and all those damaging UV rays. Maybe it's the air: you know, all those free radicals or whatever it is that convinces women to spend hundreds of dollars on a 50mL canister of cream. Maybe it's the exposure to wind since riding on a scooter, or maybe it's just the constant abrasion from having to shave everyday.

Whatever it is, my skin's getting undeniably rougher, and I can't get a really close shave anymore. Like, just an hour after I've shaved in the morning, I can kind of feel some stubble still there.

So I've heard that the traditional shave -- that is, using a razor blade, even a disposable one -- gives a much better end result. I mean, the kind where after you're done shaving, an attractive lady can't help but approach you from behind and run her hand caressingly over your freshly-smoothed face.

Yeah, like in the ads!

So this past week, I bought myself one of those Gillette Mach3 Power blades, and a can of shaving gel. Please note that I have no idea how to properly shave with one of these things, and in the process, I am acutely aware that a very sharp object will be dangerously close to vital arteries. I will be basically armed with only this how-to and my wits.

So here's to hoping I make it through to write about it later.


Anonymous said...

Would offer some tips but shaving my armpits and lets is a little different then the face.

Just take it slow I guess, especially around the rounded edges.

Ben said...

I tried the shaving thing: washing my face, wetting with warm water, lathering shaving gel, and then taking the Mach3 Power to it.


1. I can't seem to pull my facial skin taut when it's all slippery with the shaving gel on it.
2. The rounded chin part (with the hairs growing every which way) is a major trouble area.
3. My skin feels raw after the shave, and even liberal amounts of moisturizer and facial lotion doesn't help (much).
4. After all that, it still doesn't seem to shave closer than any old regular electric blade!

What the heck am I doing wrong??

Anonymous said...

You always want to shave with the grain, i.e. the direction the hair is growing in, not against it. One problem you might be having is that since the hair on your face and neck grows in different directions, you'll have to constantly switch which direction you shave in to get the closest (and most comfortable) shave. Hope this helps and good luck!
- Carol

Mike said...

I know the conventional wisdom always says go with the grain of hair but my asian facial hair is never thick enough to get a close shave unless I go against the grain.

So for the neck and chin area, I gently go up with the blade. I stress gently. do not press down like you see on the ads but think scraping very lightly. A result is an occasional cuts but you do get better at it with practice and time.. Plus the closest shave you can get.

I don't get enough facial hair and have yet to suffer any ingrown hair issues..

But proceed at your own risk :)

Nk said...

Electrology. :)


Okay, find a Queer Eye salon and get a shave done professionally. Then you can get your face wrapped in warm towels like on tv (which actually looks really comfy), and look like you've had 3 facial cosmetic surgeries.

Vanessa said...

does it help to exfoliate? clinique men's scrub is good.

Ben said...

@ carol, yeah, I change up my direction of shaving based on how my hairs seem to be growing. Maybe I need to be more careful in following it.

@ mike, if I didn't know you, I'd completely dismiss your comment. But because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be an aid in my accidental suicide, I believe you. I'll try gently going against the grain (very very very carefully).

@ nk, if this doesn't work, I'll look up a good waxing place to take care of it, once and for all!

@ vanessa, I dunno, does it help to exfoliate before shaving? I have NO idea. I usually shave in the morning while I'm in a rush to get to work, so there's not a whole lot of prep work going on beforehand.

Thanks for all the tips. I'll give it another shot this weekend, when I don't have to worry about showing up to work with all those little white stickies on my face after I give myself the torture of a thousand razor blade cuts. Stay tuned.

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