The Art of Farting

If you're going to cough really loud to mask the sound of your fart, you definitely need to get the timing right.

Because if you mis-time it, then what's the point, really?
Then you've just coughed and farted into a room of people whose thoughts about you you obviously care about.
And it will be obvious that your fake cough was for covering up your butt burp.
In the future, if you ever cough in front of these people again, they'll wonder if you farted as well and tried to cover it up.
Plus, a cough doesn't cover up the stink of your gas burrito. You know that, right?
Even if you do the cough cover-up right, it never really masks the sound 100%; people can tell, you know, and your best bet is probably just to leave the room before letting your ass do its methane broadcast.

I'm just saying.


sonno said...

Dude... Breed some selfrespect please, a fart is something unique, something of which you have to be proud.
It's a part of nature and isn't meant to be ashamed of.

So people, fart away and make your friends go sick, just like me!

Fre said...

This guy actually made his sister puke because of his fart!

I'm proud of having a friend like that, they should put him on some sort of honorary list of unique achievements.

M Gillaerts said...

Guys, you are truly sick if you're serious about this. You should hold your farts any time, even when you're in a personal space. For me it is important to maintain my proper relationships with people which are so fragile, and because I'm such an insecure guy I'm relying too much upon my friends (who keep giving me a hard time btw :s) that I can't risk to do anything like that.

My mommy said this and I always do what my mommy asks me to do.

I'm sure it isn't good for our environment as well