Eyes Wide Out

Here's something I've noticed recently. I actually share a trait with Marcia Cross: my eyes are kind of far apart.

You'd think that I'd have noticed it much earlier on in life, but for most of my childhood, I didn't care about such things. And then in adolescence, I was more concerned about the zits that were invading my face than the placement of the actual facial components. And so now it springs forth as an issue, and an issue that I really can't do anything about.

But it's definitely there. And what's worse, the more I notice it, the more I notice how wide apart they are. It's weird. It's like they're slowly shifting outwards in a freak of nature.

I have face-plate tectonics.

I fear that one day, they'll be on the sides of my head the way birds and lizards have their eyes. Maybe one day, I'll have a face shaped like a hammerhead shark ... and probably as much hair.


Mike said...

I don't think it's that your eyes are far apart.. you have a pretty small head and continuing to lose weight.. gives you the illusion of your eyes being far apart.. :p

Start eating some more!

lem-n-ada said...

narcissist (hee hee) maybe you should stop looking at yourself so much in the mirror :P u look fine... (btw - can u update my blog link? it's now http://lemnada.blogspot.com/)

Ben said...

Maybe eventually, I can do that eye-thing that the lizards do: control each eye individually to look at separate things on either side of their heads! Ooohh ... I could go into the (freak)show business! A promising new career!

And thanks, girl, you look pretty fine yourself. ;-) (Link updated.)