A Whole 'Nother Set

I had a strange dream last night. (Actually, I probably had several, but upon waking up, I could only remember this one little snippet of them.)

I remember thinking that I should "correct" my habit of only brushing my teeth with my right hand holding the toothbrush, because there are probably parts of my teeth that I just can't reach well from the different angle. So I switched hands and used my left hand to hold the toothbrush and then put the toothbrush on the left upper teeth (the side that touches the inside of my cheek). And in my dream, I was right; the outside surfaces of those upper left teeth were plaque-covered and utterly filthy.

But in real life, they're not. I can get all my teeth with my toothbrush held in either hand.

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Anonymous said...

I also have weird, bizaar and boring dreams like yours. Once I was dreaming that my dog got sick all over the rug and I had to clean it up. IN MY DREAM!! It sucks waking up feeling like all you just did was clean...and realizing it was clean house day!! LOL... sooo...when you DID brush your teeth that morning did it feel that way also? Like you JUST did that!!?? Shelley