I still tear up when I think about how my mom missed my wedding, and how much she was really looking forward to it before her life ended abruptly.

In the middle of watching The Mummy 3, there was a medium-sappy moment between Brendan Fraser's character and his son. I thought about my mom, my dad, and how much I miss them (in different ways). And I lost it: I started crying quietly to myself in the middle of the theatre.

I find that my emotions are bubbling just beneath my surface, waiting to fill my eyes with more tears. There's still a lot of hurt inside me that needs to be released. I just hope the trigger isn't at an inopportune time.


momcy said...

Ben, there is nothing wrong to show your emotion. Now is the time to look ahead and be happy. No mother would like to see her kids unhappy and sad. Live a good and healthy life for her and for your family. You need to be strong because your wife, father, brother and sister need you. As a friend, I want to see you happy as well. I, too, cry once awhile cause my daughter is so far away from home but only to hope she'll one day finds a good husband to care and to love her.

head dump said...

Just catching up on your blogs Ben, and this made me tear too. Shucks, you're closer to my parents than I am! and I worry about their health all the time. My dad celebrates his 65 this month. Keep in mind, because you'll have little Ben's soon. The best gift you can give your children is to stay in good health.