I know: I haven't blogged for a long, long time.

It's just that, every time I think of something to blog, it's usually a fleeting thought of a subject. And it's usually when I'm not near a computer (or don't have time to cozy up to the keyboard because I'm in a rush to leave). So by the time I'm actually at the Mac again, I forgot what it was I wanted to say.

That's the gist of it.

Though I will say that I'm thinking about buying a Time Capsule (still undecided on the 500GB vs 1TB) and an Airport Express pair. For home, and for travel, respectively. Advice?


Cash Register said...

500GB is a lot of space, unless you plan on stocking it up with videos and pictures. Otherwise, with regular stuff, it's almost impossible to fill up.

I'm planning on getting a 24" iMac

Ben said...

I already have 500GB of data, which is why 500GB of backup capacity is the minimum I would consider. I have a LaCie NAS, but somehow backing up to it doesn't work too well.

iMac? I didn't think many people I knew (except perhaps families) would consider an iMac; thought that MacBook's, Pro's, and the Airs would be by far more popular choices for today's young'uns.