Cleaning Up

When do you start cleaning up someone's stuff after they've passed on?
Logically, that stuff isn't needed anymore. It's just taking up space.

Some of it's very sentimental, of course, and you should never get rid of it.
Some of it's stuff that really isn't, and eventually, you'll throw it out, but when is the right time to handle that?
Is doing it too soon just considered cold?
Is doing it too late just considered lamenting in the sorrow, and not giving yourself closure?


Sienca said...

Hey Ben,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I only met her for 5 minutes and I could see how close she was to everyone around her.

W and I wanted to call you, but then we thought it would be less intrusive just to leave a message and let you get back to us at your leisure.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help. =}

-- S & W.

Anonymous said...

The time is right when you are ready. No such thing as too early, or too late.

My grandfather died over 20 years ago - my grandmother still has his sweaters folded in a drawer.

You're in my thoughts

Ben said...

We're going through our school stuff and throwing all sorts of our own useless junk. It's mostly previous coursework, assignments, and things we thought we'd find sentimental and worth keeping for the future, but now that we look back on it, it just seems lame and not worth the space it takes up.

Mom's stuff is another thing; we haven't even begun to touch that part of the house. And most it will be for Dad and my sis to wade through, and I know that will be a long and sad task.

head dump said...

I agree with princess taj. There is no right time. Some may want to hold on to everything, some may only need a picture, or one gift. No one will ever judge you on your choice of timing.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ben - haven't heard from you in awhile - hope you're doing ok