Their Own Medicine

I've always wondered, do smokers (when they're not smoking) also not like the smokey smell? Like, does it bother them as much as it does non-smokers? Or does it trigger instead the thoughts of smoking?


virg said...

Hmm..i never smoke before so i can say. But i would assume it's the same as asking durian eaters if the smell of durian bothers them when they're not eating them. (as we all know durian is an acquire taste)

So i don't think smokers would be bothered by the smokey smell.

Fumbling said...

I like to smoke, I don't like the smell of smoke.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Right Now never even noticed the fact that he STUNK of cigarette smoke. He would always tell me that I was crazy, and that he couldn't smell anything.

That was until he quit - and realized how bad smokers smell, and that he once smelled like that.

And then he started smoking again - and once again didn't care how he smelled.

Ben said...

One of my roommates smoked, but she was very considerate of the rest of us (non-smokers) and only lit up on the balcony anyhow. And she never smelled of smoke, so for all intents and purposes, she was a non-smoker.