Dammit, I hate it when I make rushed decisions, because more often than not, they turn out to be rash decisions.

Remember how I said I really should research more before making a purchase? Well, I walked in to the Bellevue Square Apple Store a few weeks ago, all set on getting the iPod nano (as a birthday gift from my girl). The next day, I returned it and upgraded to an iPod Touch.

And now I regret it, and wish I would have bought the iPhone instead, because it really isn't much more, but comes with so much more out of the box.

Plus, I'm finding that I'm carrying the iPod Touch and my regular mobile phone with me everywhere, so why didn't I just submit with the extra $100 and converge them into a single unit??

Dammit. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Where I am, it's Nov. 10, so Happy Birthday, Ben! - Carol

Ben said...

Thanks! I think for my birthday, I will reward myself with an upgrade to the iPhone, hahaha. :-)

Ben said...

Ken Rockwell, photography aficionado, says in his article:

"Don't buy something that isn't what you really want. If you do, you'll keep dreaming about what you really wanted, and eventually get it. When you do, you've just paid twice."

A wise man indeed.