G Block

So a day or two ago, I noticed that Gtalk wasn't connecting from my work computer. Our IT Dept is always messing something up -- or un-optimizing something that was only so-so before, so that it runs just a little bit slower/worse now -- so I chalked it up to one of their experiments.

But it's been two days now, and I am now pretty certain they've gone and G-blocked us. MSN was always blocked, as was YIM, and Gtalk is their newest addition. Skype, for some reason, has been left wide open, and that's what most of my coworkers have resorted to for IM chatting; IT "justified" it by saying it's VOIP, so it could be used for work purposes. (Never mind that Skype basically floods the network with other people's traffic, which slows us down.) So the long and short of it is that I am without a messaging client at work now. [sigh] It's like I'm in prison (minus the sodomy).

You can find me in G Block.
And visiting hours are over.


Anonymous said...

Could always try ebuddy. Some guys @ work are using it now for their IM needs :)


hougee said...

that sux.. so when i see you online.. but really not there eh..

neways.. what about meebo?

and yeah.. get on that scrabulous! :P virg sent you a message there.. ahahah

S said...

GTalk is available through the web interface... just log into GMail and it should be in the left nav panel just below your Labels.

I don't know how your SysAdmins have things configured, but I know that I can use "https" instead of "http" to access GMail even though they announced that they've "blocked" GMail.

But I still only access GMail from my phone while I'm at work. =P

-- S.