So. Tickets are booked for my lunar new year vacation. Destination: Cambodia. And this is where most Taiwanese have looked at us strangely and go,


And they ask it in the kind of way that one would react if one heard that someone had smeared horsesh!t all over the side of a nearby building.

Anyway, we only have 7 days in Cambodia, Friday to Friday. And as far as I can see from my brand spankin' new Lonely Planet book on the country, that's not nearly enough to see what I wanna see!

So in the interest of time, we're trying to travel light, almost backpacking style really. I've never done this kind of trip before, so I ask to you ... any suggestions and tips for traveling light? For backpacking? For traveling in Asia?

(It's hard to rhyme with Cambodia for the title. Heck, it was even hard to find anything that puns with Cambodia. Maybe we need to travel somewhere funnier, or at least funnier-sounding.)


Cyrus said...

When i went to Thailand, the other backpackers raved about Cambodia and Laos -- i just didn`t have time to visit. I`m sure you`ll have fun.
Not a complete list, but my essentials were:
- convertible travel shorts/pants
- good pair of hikers or trail running shoes (my Columbias rocked)
- 1/2 roll of TP in ziplock bag to keep it dry and compact + small bottle of anti-bacterial cleaner
- light windbreaker type jacket

And if you run out of underwear, turn it inside out, or go commando ;-)

Rose said...

Wow, what a great place to visit!! I'm sure you'll have a blast. My friend went there and brought back amazing pictures... Blog about it, I wanna see lots of photos!!

KT said...

from my trips to Asia especially when it's either rainy or hot (which is all the time really in SE Asia)... polyester is your friend. Jeans and cotton never get dry even after 2 days of hang drying. Jersey clothes are awesome to wear - basically work out clothes. When you see a bottle of water...take it esp. if it's free. Cyrus - good tip about using ziploc bags. James put his money, hotel key, etc in one when we went to the beach and it stayed totally dry. In Vietnam, we would bater on everything even hotel rooms (well at the cheap places) - don't know if it's the same in Cambodia. Swing by HCMC if you have time! Have fun!!!

Ben said...

I think one of the resources I read said not to pack too much stuff because if there's anything you need while on the trip, chances are you can readily buy it there for cheaper anyhow. Is there truth to that??